Multi-Panel Urine Drug Tests

2016 - 04.28.

We at WIM Sci Lab sare very thankful for a certain dude named Eduard Marquis. He is the guy who discovered marquis reagent, a chemical used to test if you are rolling with Molly or with someone’s cold medicine.

Because we love you, we’ve come up with a way to test if your Molly is pure or not. WIM Sci Labs test kits include the following:

  • 1x (15ml) of MDMA Marquis Reagent sealed in an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Lab Material Certified Dropper bottle.
  • 1x Instruction card that includes instructions for safe handling, storage and chemical reactions chart.

How do you use WIM Sci Labs test kits? Just follow our easy steps below.  Remember that you are dealing with chemicals so please get some decent chemical protection, like hand gloves.

  1. Carefully un-wrap the WIM factory seal off the bottle.  Using the provided mini tester spoon, place at least .010 to .005 grams of the questionable substance into the empty testing vile.
  2. Add one or two drops of the Marquis Reagent into the testing vile.
  3. Watch carefully during the reaction time for color changes or any fizzing or smoking.
  4. Refer to the color chart printed on instruction card to determine if MDMA is present in the substance.
  5. Rinse testing vile and the mini tester spoon thoroughly with soap and water after testing. They should be completely cleaned and dried before your next use.
  6. The Marquis Reagent bottle cap should be closed tightly bag to ensure no leakage or exposure. Keep the Marquis Reagent away from UV Rays and high temperatures to avoid degrading the reagent and significantly reduce shelf life.

No matter how cool sounding Marquis reagentis, the results are not 100% definitive. Results vary due to different substances and factors. Use it for your own testing. However,having the Marquis reagent is the first step towards determining whether what you have is pure Molly or an impostor Molly.

Aliexpress Coupons online

2016 - 04.27.

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Advantages of Schaumburg cell phone repairs

2016 - 04.26.

Within Schaumburg, there are many large and small business operators who specializes in fixing cell phone problems and repairing both internal and external issues. Though there may be a wide variety of technicians which is indeed good to some extent, there are still some bad ones who are up to nothing good. Because cell phones develop problems like almost everyday, the good thing about cell phone repair schaumburg is that, there is always a technician who is ready and waiting to assist you. It doesn't matter the service you require, there is definitely someone to help. It is believed that you would get more benefits than the actual technicians themselves.


Easy access of technician

There are more than enough technicians in the area that is able to assess what the problem it is that you are having, evaluate the solution and other factors to be able to provide the best quality results that you seek after.

Because there are so many technicians that may be in close proximity to you, the extra costing that would have been incurred to find one, is actually eliminated. You also get the privilege of knowing exactly where to find a particular technician if they may have possibly caused more problems for you where your device is concerned.

Variety in costing

You get to shop around for the best costing and for one that fits perfectly into your budget. Not many persons have the opportunity to select from a wide range of technicians all of whom may have different pricing so as to find one soothing for you.

Variety in trained professionals

Because the area is within your reach, you are able to get direct highlights from other persons who may have used their services. You can get a feel of their professionalism in attitude and worth and the extent in the level of service they offers.